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Photo by Pete

January is going to be hilarious in Saskatoon!


Back in the 90s, Kevin Smith revolutionized indie filmmaking. It’s almost hard to remember now because he changed the movie landscape so completely with his no-budget smash hit Clerks, paving the way for other independent filmmakers like the creators of The Blair Witch Project, Napoleon Dynamite and more! Kevin Smith’s crass and hilarious sense of humour is a great fit for film, but anyone who has heard him share his story about (almost) working on the Nicolas Cage Superman film knows that Kevin Smith is at his best as a storyteller. Charmingly forthcoming and devastatingly funny, his Evening with Kevin Smith series is a must-see for anyone who loves film, comedy, and top-notch storytelling.
Kevin Smith will be at the Dakota Dunes Casino on January 20 – don’t miss out!


A double bill not to be missed! Cathy Jones and Bruce McCulloch are both giants in comedy. As a founding member of classic Canadian comedy news program This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Jones pioneered a format that has become normal today, helping to inspire programs like The Daily Show, The Colbert Rapport, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and more! In addition to that, she is an accomplished and hilarious stand-up comedian.

If Bruce McCulloch were only a member of Kids in The Hall, he would already be one of the most important figures in comedy worldwide, to say nothing of Canadian comedy! However, he’s also left his mark in tons of other ways – directing the SNL film Superstar, creating the hit one-man show and TV series Young Drunk Punk, and ABC’s Carpoolers. A comedy maverick, there’s no telling what he’ll do on stage – but you know it will be hilarious!

Both Cathy Jones and Bruce McCulloch will take to the stage at the Broadway Theatre on January 24! 

Once you’re done laughing your butt off, know you’ll have a great sleep by booking a room at the Home Inn Saskatoon South. Situated less than 10 minutes from downtown Saskatoon, we’re your portal to all your prairie adventures!