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posted by: Home Inn & Suites Saskatoon South on: March 02, 2021

Image by: Kinsley Holl


Staying active during the winter isn’t hard in a winter wonderland like Saskatoon. Our city has an endless amount of walking trails, skating rinks and other outdoor attractions to enjoy the season. Enjoy some of these greatest ways to enjoy Saskatoon - just like a local!


Stroll Beaver Creek Conservation area 

Saskatoon boasts many walking trails and conservation areas to discover on your next trip. Take a stroll through the Beaver Creek Conservation Area located in the Meewasin Valley and you’ll create lasting memories. With 4 trails to choose from, this area is perfect for admiring the local wildlife. Plus, if you’re looking to increase your cardio, these trails are great for winter runners too!


Explore the University of Saskatchewan

This sprawling historic campus established in 1907 boasts some breathtaking architecture. Take your camera and explore its many beautiful archways and columns. When you’re finished exploring its many nooks and crannies, settle by the South Saskatchewan River with a hot coffee or tea and take in the sights. 


Try Geocaching

If you’re an adventurous type, you’ll want to try geocaching. This activity is a completely free, real-world outdoor treasure hunt so it makes for the perfect pandemic outdoor activity. It’s also a great way to familiarize yourself with the city and explore some hidden gems in the area. Pack some snacks and water, as you’ll be sent on an adventure!


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