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Saskatoon is a special place when the days start to get longer. Even if there’s snow on the ground, there’s something about a blue prairie sky and the shining sun that makes you feel like things are going to get better. If you’ve never experienced it, come to Saskatoon this April to see what we’re talking about.


As one of the anchors of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Trent McClellan is one of Canada’s most instantly recognizable comic performers. Hailing from Corner Brook Newfoundland, he’s performed on CBC’s The Debaters, recorded specials for CTV and the Comedy Network, and is absolutely hilarious! He brings a warm, inviting energy to the stage, showing how silly so much of modern life can be without making anyone feel attacked or unwelcome. This is truly comedy that anyone can enjoy! 

On April 16, you can catch Trent at the Broadway Theatre here in Saskatoon on April 16 for his “Hunt for Happy” tour! We live in weird times, but Trent is certain to help everybody find something to smile about. Take a load off with a big old laugh!


Sarah Harmer first made a splash in Canadian music with her band Weeping Tile in the 90s. After a few beloved albums with that group, she started releasing solo material under her own name and became even more important! An incredible songwriter with a knack for wringing emotion out of everyday situations and simple premises. She has the ability to make an entire theatre feel like an intimate coffee shop show, and that’s just what she’ll do at the Broadway Theatre on 22nd! Don’t miss it!

Saskatoon is gorgeous at this time of year, and you can experience the best of our fair city by booking a room at the Home Inn & Suites Saskatoon South!