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posted by: Home Inn & Suites Saskatoon South on: October 05, 2020

Image by: Jess Low


Few things are as beautiful as a prairie fall. As the seasons change, the landscape begins to transform, and the sun sets earlier and earlier under a massive sky. There are few greater pleasures than sitting someplace warm and cozy and watching the sky change from blue to gold, to orange, to pink, and finally to a deep dark night.


If you want to experience this truly unforgettable sight, there is maybe no better way than to pull up a chair at one of our local breweries and watch out the window as the sky puts on its natural fireworks. Here are some of our picks for where to get a gorgeous draught that tastes like the prairies: 



Named after the very phenomenon we’re describing, Prairie Sun is a local brewer that’s motivated to bring you the best in fresh tastes using local ingredients. Featuring a few steadfast taps of local favourites and a seasonally changing cast of delicious ales, lagers, stouts and more, there is something for literally every palette at Prairie Sun. One of their latest beers is a saison brewed with honey and aged in wine casks – you just know that’s got to be good! Prairie Sun is one of Saskatoon’s best, and a must-visit if you’re in the area. 



Shelter Brewing’s confidence comes across in every part of their business: from their branding to their gorgeous taproom to, of course, the great flavours in their beers, you don’t have to spend too much time with Shelter to figure out that they know what they’re doing. 

A nano brewery focused on making small batch beers that reflect the changing seasons of the prairies. Shelter is different every time – but always very, very good. And if you’re able to eat in at Shelter’s taproom, you can enjoy some of their truly awesome tacos! 


There’s something about the prairies that makes feeling cozy and comfy even more special – that’s why when you visit, you should stay at the Home Inn Saskatoon South. Our friendly staff uphold the highest standards in health, hygiene and service, so you can rest assured – and rest well – when you stay with us!